Generally speaking I would agree, everyday there are situations where being white gets someone a pass. But this time that's not the case, don't dig in on this one.

She admits she screwed up and has shown real class in not trying to make this a race matter. The rules are the rules. They may need to be changed given that weed is legal in so many places and it's not a performance enhancing drug, but right now they are what they are. Hell, if you can run like that stoned, I say "run girl, run."

And it eases physical…

PBS American Masters: Richard Linklater

Filmmaker Richard Linkletter

There were a lot of things I didn’t know and hadn’t thought to think about before I watched American Masters’ profile of Richard Linklater. Having lived most of the past four decades in New York City, I’ve thought lately that — if you live long enough — everything comes back around. So many connections I’d made when I was very young and fresh to NYC from my troubled past in Texas are coming back to me. Names and people I had nothing more than a strong sense of destiny about years ago who’ve gone on…

And allowing young white women to behave this way without accountability is infantilizing a whole generation of women.

So now I’m going to say something that is going blow progressive heads off but grown ups know it’s true:

We are infantilizing these young women by taking the responsibility and accountability for their social discourse out of their hands. And if any of these gals were flirting with an attractive older man, well Cuomo can’t say that without looking like a schmuck but we all know young women do that, don’t we?

There is no case here but he has to…

This just don’t pass the smell test.

If so-called “progressives” continue to pile on Cuomo with these implausible and dubious — at best — claims, I think they may be surprised at how the rest of us respond when the time comes.

Seriously, without hard evidence of anything more than musings about what sounds like totally banal and madly inflated events — and Covid deaths that were counted in the wrong column but were counted — this sounds like a Trump funded play carried out by self righteous young women with very vivid imaginations and personal ambitions.

The observable fact…

My momma knew a thang or two about men and bad behavior.

There’s a simple method to apply anytime you are wondering whether a man has done or is doing a thang he really ought not be, simply apply momma’s rule:

“If he asks and you said ‘No’ and he took ‘No’ for an answer, nothin’ happened.

If you are in the middle of an activity and you change your mind, if he then takes ‘No’ for an answer, nothin’ happened.

If you say ‘No’ while you are liftin’ your skirt and droppin’ your drawers and he still takes ‘No’…

You know, I hear you and I get it. But please, Rush Limbaugh was a repugnant bag of flesh. Not just to black Americans but to women, to LGBTQ, to the disabled... To anybody who was not an equally repugnant old white guy, he was the vomit in my mouth when I think of him.

Leni Riefenstahl was talented too but that was trumped by her being a Nazi and arguing that she was an artist so she was not responsible for the results of her actions, just like Limbaugh saying everything I said -- all the harm I did…

“U.S ‘beating the drum’ of pressure on Iran” ~John Brennan

The scene of the attack in Damavand, near Tehran [BBC]

“On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced a purge of longstanding members of the Defense Policy Board, a group of foreign policy experts who advise the Secretary of Defense and his team about specific issues when they want outside opinions. … They will be replaced by Trump loyalists.” ~ Per Heather Cox Richardson

Regarding this business of Trump’s installing ‘loyalists’ in all the civil service positions to gum up the works for Biden: just practically, that’s not going to work.

First of all, he waited until very late to essentially fire…

McConnell expects Trump to lose, and therefore, for him to spend political capital to support Trump by forcing through a bill which would put his own leadership position at risk after the election, to me, doesn’t make any sense,” Ian Shepherdson

Senate leader Mitch McConnell

“…in the absence of a coronavirus relief bill, poverty is growing. Depending on the scale they use, researchers say 6 to 8 million Americans have slipped below the poverty line. Republican strategists appear to be willing to deepen the recession if it means crippling an incoming Biden administration. According to a report in Bloomberg, Republicans are setting the stage…

“…but none of them were put in jail.”

Truancy Measures

“Harris also championed state legislation under which parents whose children were found to be habitually truant in elementary school could be prosecuted, despite concerns that it would disproportionately affect low-income people of color.” ~ Lara Bazelon

In 2010, Harris introduced measures fining parents of truant elementary school aged children up to $2000 and potential jail time for failing to get their kids to class. Governor Schwarzenegger signed it in September. This set liberal hair on fire. In 2011, Harris addressed it directly in her inaugural:

“We know chronic truancy leads to dropping…

‘They are dying, that’s true, and it is what it is.’ ~Donald Trump

Meme via Facebook
Meme via Facebook

…certainly be pushback on Trump’s actions on legal grounds. But, with Senate Republicans out of negotiations, Republicans can frame legal pushback as Democrats objecting to the relief Americans so desperately need, even though the Democrats have been pushing for a relief bill for almost three months, and it is the Republicans who have been unable to produce one.’ ~Heather Cox Richardson

So I’ve heard a good deal recently from ostensibly middle-class white folks across the country that people staying home to collect that big $600 a week…

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Author of “Dwelling in the Vast Divine.1 & .2" Political consultant, policy wonk.

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