An Open Letter to John Roberts

Gayle Leslie
3 min readApr 8


SCOTUS at ’23 SOTU glaringly absent Clarence Thomas, in a show of extreme disrespect for President Biden

April 8, 2023

The Honorable John Roberts
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543


Chief Justice Roberts:

Word on the street is that you are bothered and bewildered by the ever-deepening disgust ‘We The People’ feel towards a Supreme Court so out of touch with the those it is tasked with protecting that it attempts to turn back time on behalf of the most extreme Conservative private interests.

On top of the generally horrifying decisions by a stunningly privileged white majority on the court, you and some your most self-congratulatory colleagues are behaving as if your positions on SCOTUS should allow you to exist ‘above’ and apart from the lived experience — from the outrage expressed in peaceful protests — of those who’ve made your cloistered lives possible. As if your ‘whiteness’ means, by definition, that you oughtn’t be held accountable — or even made uncomfortable — for the horror you render to and rain down on other people’s lives.

Clarence Thomas has been a gross — and frankly, utterly vulgar — addition to SCOTUS from the start. Ginni Thomas is simply an insane cultist. They’ve aligned themselves with entities constitutionally opposed to the very aspirational nature of this country. But those two appallingly unethical — and plain creepy — people are still there. And make no mistake, Clarence Thomas is the avatar for aspirational ‘whiteness.’

Samuel Alito just takes the money from the influence peddlers and does what they tell him to, while all three of the Trump appointees were illegitimately appointed. If Merrick Garland is not SCOTUS, Neil Gorsuch shouldn’t be; I shouldn’t need to elaborate on why a sex offender and sloppy drunk — who was saved from proper vetting by the Trump administration — really shouldn’t have a say as to whether American women have agency over their bodies and their health; or why the dissembling hypocrisy of Coney Barrett’s appointment makes her a fraud from the get. A fraud, incidentally, who was not even seated before her spouse declined to leave his high-powered

Gayle Leslie

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