An Open Letter to Rick Wilson, with Ines Pohl

Gayle Leslie
25 min readJan 13, 2022

Lest we forget that The Lincoln Project are, after all, still Republicans

Rick Wilson

“…they [Republicans] have built a structure…an autocratic structure in a very short window of time, that has put American democracy in an enormous degree of peril.” ~Rick Wilson

[Video: ‘If Donald Trump is not dead or in jail, he will run for president’]

Rick — can I call you Rick? Your interview with Ines Pohl of DW was captivating: she allowed you to spend a substantial block of essentially uninterrupted time articulating yourself. Time to relax, to speak your truth. Your analysis was simply fascinating.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I wrote extensively during the Democratic primaries and have followed The Lincoln Project closely. I even have a Ridin’ With Biden t-shirt; I hope that reflects my respect for your efforts to end the Trump presidency before there was nothing left to save of our democratic experiment, even as the reprobate tried to drown it in his solid gold toilet.

In the best of all worlds I would likely be a slightly left-leaning moderate Democrat. Hell, if all things were perfectly equal, I might even be an Independent. The extreme dysfunction of the Republican Party has, however, driven me further left than I might otherwise be.

You were certainly emphatic in your analysis in the conversation with Ms. Pohl. I believe that you believe the conclusions you’ve drawn are indisputable. And I believe that you’ve spent so much time in your echo chamber, conversing with people in such absolute agreement with you, that you are essentially talking to yourself. And that appears to my eyes to satisfy you very much, that talking to yourself business.

Trouble is Rick, your indisputable assumptions extend far back into flawed, long-held assumptions upon which you cling, producing a deeply flawed analysis that’s gone unchallenged. You and your colleagues at The Lincoln Project have built your own rather complex ‘house of cards.’

So what happens when your assertions are challenged with some ‘other’ fact-based analysis? Let’s see what happens when that happens.

“The Cleland ad was powerful because it went to his strengths…everyone assumed Cleland was immune to