Florida Orders That Daily Mortality Numbers Not Be Published

Gayle Leslie
6 min readApr 30, 2020

What Governor Ron DeSantis seeks to prove continues to baffle. [Doctor] “…tells the Tampa Bay Times that state officials have told him they’re planning to remove probable causes of death from the examiners’ report…”

Florida Governor on the Suncoast talking about COVID-19. (Source: WWSB)

For the past nine days, no reports from the medical examiners have been made available to the public, and there’s no indication of when they will be released in the future.”

It is no secret that Florida has huge elderly communities living in all manner of homes and assisted living facilities. It is no secret that these folks are the most vulnerable and among the most likely to die from this lethal virus, owing to their weakened immune systems and all the other age related illness that come with advancing age.

And most of those living in these tight knit communities are white. Many of them were — or still are — Trump voters. A bizarre strategy for re-election to simply kill off your base through sheer negligence and disinterest in that “disposable” demographic: sort of supports his argument that he “could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue” and would not lose voters. Well this appears to be that on steroids.

It is no secret that Florida has significant black and hispanic communities more prone to a deadly outcome from this virus, owing to underlying pre-existing conditions and generally poorer healthcare.