Gayle Leslie
1 min readJul 9, 2021


Generally speaking I would agree, everyday there are situations where being white gets someone a pass. But this time that's not the case, don't dig in on this one.

She admits she screwed up and has shown real class in not trying to make this a race matter. The rules are the rules. They may need to be changed given that weed is legal in so many places and it's not a performance enhancing drug, but right now they are what they are. Hell, if you can run like that stoned, I say "run girl, run."

And it eases physical pain and stress.

Yeah, Phelps got caught smoking weed, but it wasn't the month before the Olympics. All the athletes know the window they have for drug testing. And several other athletes from around the world have been kept from competing over dirty drug tests over the years so it's not just her.

You have all so many very good arguments to make, this is not one of them, so don't piss away credibility on it. Sha'Carri is young and she's going to do very well in life and only better for owning her mistakes.

I know this is hard for you to believe right now, but not everything in life is about race. At an ultra professional level, it is about who can compete and prevail. This young woman will do that.