“I Want My Binkie! The Big Nuclear One”

“U.S ‘beating the drum’ of pressure on Iran” ~John Brennan

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The scene of the attack in Damavand, near Tehran [BBC]

Regarding this business of Trump’s installing ‘loyalists’ in all the civil service positions to gum up the works for Biden: just practically, that’s not going to work.

First of all, he waited until very late to essentially fire dozens of institutional types who will not go quietly, some of them will sue. None of it will be fully adjudicated before January 20, 2021.

Secondly, given what we’ve seen of the incompetence at the highest levels, does anyone really believe that Trump had literally dozens — maybe hundreds — of qualified acolytes that he could install in these jobs? I don’t. That brings up the singular problem that most of them will not be able to do the job sufficiently to remain employed in the federal government.

Furthermore, I know from personal experience that every single person in Homeland Security, for instance — even the guys in the mailroom — go through extensive vetting taking a year to eighteen months. None of these people were vetted properly so any serious look into their backgrounds will bring up things that rate immediate dismissal.

But the main reason that this is a false threat — just another attempt by Trump to sabotage and just plain screw Joe Biden — is that, as in any serious corporation or company, there is a probationary period in which any new hire can be terminated for simply not being a ‘team player.’ It is in the contract. Federal government hires are on probation for a year.

So while this is a cluster fuck and an HR nightmare, I don’t really think it is an ‘unsolvable’ as Donald Trump would like it to be because most of these Trumpists he’s trying to install are not remotely qualified for those jobs and as soon as they get slammed with a workload they can’t handle, I’m betting they are heading for the doors. I mean, he put his son’s wedding planner in charge of Housing and how long has it been since we’ve heard from her?

Not to say that Trump is totally impotent because Steve Mnuchin is trying to claw back $455 bil in unused Covid funds so Biden cannot unilaterally send out some more aid to desperate Americans — cause yeah, Steve Mnuchin is a big dick; and yeah, whether directly or implicitly, Trump is complicit in blowing up an Iranian scientist then pointing navy vessels in that direction to punctuate his point. You know, “I’M STILL HERE AND I WANT MY BINKIE!”

But the particular business of firing institutionalists and hiring a legion of wedding planners and Uber drivers to run government? That’s the governance equivalent of “clean up on aisle nine.”

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