My Unfortunate Experience With Daily Kos Exposes an Insidious Fault Line That Truly Is a Threat to This Democratic Experiment

Gayle Leslie
11 min readSep 4, 2019

“…Biden’s…told an audience in Des Moines that poor children are ‘just as bright and just as talented as white kids,’ before immediately clarifying his remarks.”

That was in August, 2019.

So, this past weekend I wrote a piece after news broke about Joe Biden’s yet again conflating several events into a self-promoting story about his humility in the presence of a brave soldier. He somehow managed one more time to merge moments of genuine greatness into a story that was less than the sum of its parts, because it was at its core, not altogether true. When confronted with the fact that the story was essentially just made up, he repeated what he’s said anytime he’s been confronted with his lack of adherence to the mere facts,

“…the ‘essence’ of his stories was accurate,” Joe Biden insists.

Anyone who follows me knows I have been a demonstratively vocal champion of Joe Biden’s even when others were unrelentingly critical. I don’t think he’s a racist, I don’t think he’s a misogynist, I don’t think he is a perv. I’ve been prepared for the possibility that he will be the Democratic nominee, but I do not feel that he is the best choice to deal with the challenges the next President will be facing. I have called so many other people out for disparaging Joe, but this last incident was too much for me, because I just don’t think he is at full mental acuity or capacity anymore.

It is not as though I was the only one noticing or commenting about Biden’s ever weaker performance as a candidate and the implications for beating Trump. Democratic operative Joel Payne told Reuters just a day after my piece was published,

“Biden is the weakest front-runner in a contested primary in a long time.”

PBS reported “Biden is still the Democrat to beat, but rivals see weakness” in August, 2019. MSNBC and CNN both ran segments on the self-same subject over the Labor Day weekend and The Washington Post published “It’s Time to Bid Farewell to Joe Biden” over the weekend.

And in an election when Democrats have so many really great alternatives, I think it is time to talk…

Gayle Leslie

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