Omicron is a Self-Inflicted Wound

Gayle Leslie
2 min readDec 30, 2021

The January disruption is nobody’s fault but your own.

Thousands of people refused to get vaxxed allowing Omicron to evolve. Now it’s Biden’s fault or the CDC’s fault or the FDA’s fault that we are again under siege?

That is bullshit: this all goes back to the core issue, the asshats who didn’t wear mask or get vaxxed at the start and created the “labs” where the variants could develop.

Or let’s just go back to the very beginning when fuckstick just pretended it didn’t exist.

As far as I can see, given that the horse was so utterly out of the barn — running wild in the fields — by the time Joe Biden was inaugurated, so blaming him and all the health organizations constantly trying to catch up is disingenuous as all hell.

It is nobody’s fault but your own if your life is disrupted because you didn’t wear a mask or get vaxxed, and the rest of us are over it — compassion depletion syndrome — so stop bitching and whining like babies who need a diaper change.

This is self-inflicted and the worst part is that as long as these idiots stay unvaxxed and behave so recklessly, they are creating the space for variants that may just blow straight through masks and vaccines. Just the butthurt minions way of showing their contempt for the world they are too socially unpleasant to participate in.