Gayle Leslie
3 min readFeb 4, 2024


On the whole I agree with you, William, but I do take a few points of exception.

First of all--as a contemporary of Maxwell's--I have no mercy: the sick b*tch carried water for a man that I've no doubt she believes she was in love with, cause "anything for love" I guess. But man, bury this b*tch and don't even try to tell me a story about how she's in jail and these men are not. Yet. She deserves it even more than the men do, so don't even allude to that lawyerly argument. Not any grown woman you will find will make that argument unless she is as screwed up as Maxwell.

Secondly though, people who run in those circles often share access and favor with others whom they may not know well, or only in very limited situations, without any deeper entanglement. You post this pic of Bill Clinton and, while we know Clinton's propensity for women not Hillary, we have not been given any concrete evidence that he's into children.

And when folks talk about men who are into little girls I ask, "What else have you seen in his behavior to support that notion?" Esp how they treat their own kids, and I have seen nothing in Clinton's treatment of Chelsea to indicate that he doesn't know the dif between force and consent. As someone who's known women who knew Bill Clinton I want to share that they all said he was a good guy to spend time with, in any capacity. He may have been an adulterer but he never had to force anyone to do anything, and the women I knew say that he didn't get his yayas out by forcing himself on anyone, so it seems unlikely to them that little girls would have provided anything Clinton wanted.

And if you observe the insanely "inappropriate" contact Trump made with his daughter--in public-- when she was as young as thirteen, and we have no way of knowing how young Ivanka was when he started that sh*t, we can make a credible assumption that Trump would use Epstein as his pimp. Given that we know Trump is a sociopath and a rapist, the leap is not unreasonable.

The fact that Clinton took advantage of Epstein's private plane does not by definition make him a child predator, and I guarantee you that, if Epstein--or more likely gatekeeper Maxwell--perceived that Clinton would not be "receptive" to those activities, Epstein never would have brought it up to Clinton. Guys like Epstein know who's receptive and once a fellow traveler has taken him up on that invite Epstein could be sure they would keep their privileged mouths shut.

So before we talk in broad strokes about "the men" bec, while I am all in when a man has been proven to be a child raping reprobate, I say bring him down. But there's no evidence yet that all the men who knew Epstein and Maxwell were engaging them on that level. And what the men suspected about the couple that compelled them to distance themselves from this twisted couple we do not know.

But it is far too easy to cast aspersions and, in this 24/7/365 media climate people make huge leaps without real evidence--starting a conspiratorial thread that moves with lightening speed while we sleep-- and having seen men dragged down by association, I am not down with that.

I want to know who the men who actually engaged in raping children and I want them put down like dogs. Like Andrew: he got what he deserved. But there are reasons the Clintons, among others, distanced themselves from Epstein and Maxwell some years ago. Think what you want about the life choices of Bill and Hillary, I've no reason to believe he--or others--warrant crucifixion by association.

It seems doubtful that the real predators in Maxwell's little black book are living satisfied lives. Their wives and kids know about their dirty deeds, and there's not enough money in the world to make that lifestyle less lonely and isolated. Talk about creating your Karma and living long enough to have your darkness consume your life. I have absolute faith in Karma.

But please, let's not use the life of this sad, sordid c*nt as the bar for misogyny in the Judicial system. I will put her in eternal solitary myself. That's just not right when some women are suffering unfairly under the weight of men who hate women: Ghislaine Maxwell is not one of them.