Seriously, what’s the matter with you? Is it that Bernie lost? That you can’t stand logic? You post a pic of Biden now and of Reade 30 years ago, you knew exactly what you were doing. That speaks to the heart of what you are about.

You didn’t lead with ‘gal thinks Putin has a crush on her’ or ‘gal who grifts for a living’ or ‘gal who never filed a complaint until two weeks ago.’ Or ‘Barack Obama vetted Biden deep dive, with no mention of this nutty gal.’

You lead with your own bias and ignorance then you blame Democrats cause you are butthurt for not getting your way.

So, from someone who know a thing about #metoo and a thing about whacky women, you might dial back those things or it will be a long haul for soft focus little fella like you.

Giving oxygen to the crazy does exponentially greater hard to women with legitimate claims and none of this brings Bernie back.

Author of “Dwelling in the Vast Divine.1 & .2" Political consultant, policy wonk.

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