Upon Figuring Out That ‘The Yellowjackets’ and ‘Yellowstone’ Are Different Shows

Gayle Leslie
3 min readMar 26, 2023

Just a missive on savage feminism.

Melanie Lynskey

So for the longest time I had confused ‘Yellowjackets’ with ‘Yellowstone’: both critically acclaimed, I just couldn’t get my mind around what a bunch of teenage soccer players flirting with cannibalism had to do with Kevin Costner’s conservative rancher thing. Clearly, I wasn’t paying much attention to either one of them as the ‘yellow’ is the only thing they have in common.

But a few weeks ago I was drawn to an article about Melanie Lynskey — an actress I have long admired having seen her first as a pretty odd teen in ‘Heavenly Creatures’, co-starring Kate Winslet — and the heat she was now taking online when cast as a soft spoken psycho in ‘The Last of Us’, in tandem with creeps trolling her weight in ‘Yellowjackets’. Well, nothing triggers my zealous support of a beautiful middle-aged woman who’s owning it more than criticism of said woman by a bunch of shit stains who can’t pay a woman enough to blow them. Or the same vein of self-loathing, hyperbolic shots taken by other women who just can bear the thought that that creamy skinned chubby girl has something they don’t have and can’t envision. Melanie Lynskey is, for better or worse, infinitely relatable.