Warren’s True Believers Are Getting Out Over Their Skis

Gayle Leslie
10 min readSep 24, 2019
Washington Square Park Rally

Elizabeth Warren drew a huge and wildly enthusiastic crowd at Washington Square Park here in Manhattan Tuesday night. The kind of crowd size that must have made Donald Trump’s “little master” go limp and crawl right back up into his bowels. That was impressive. But I first want to remind every Democrat who was not able to get to New York University in the heart of Greenwich Village for a single night in the middle of a work week in September, that all those people — mostly young, white screaming people — are a really small representation of the Democratic voting constituency.

And my observation of Warren’s base supporters is that they are pretty young and pretty white. They are prone, as passionate true believers tend to be, to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that — because there were so many of them and they were cheering so loud and grinning so hard — that Senator Warren must necessarily be prevailing among Democrats everywhere. Numbers so large that it is incomprehensible that the numbers not as yet impressed with her “plans” are exponentially larger.

I was with a small group of mostly female — mostly, but not all, white, twenty-something — Warren’ supporters watching the Democratic debate last week. These gals were at that age where “supporting” Warren necessarily meant laughing at and criticizing her opposition over minutiae. Especially Joe Biden. And most of the time I let it pass as I’m nobody’s momma, nor am I the “good behavior” hall monitor, but once — and I don’t remember exactly what it was over — Joe Biden stuttered. He couldn’t get his words out and these kids laughed at him. I turned around abruptly and said, “Respect!” They fell silent and instantly cleaned up the bad attitude.

If you follow me, you know that I am not all in with Joe Biden. I have written a lot on what I perceive as the appalling way that Kamala Harris has been treated and the reasons I think that is happening. I am committed to whoever the Democratic nominee turns out to be. But now that things are finally beginning to shake out, there are some very dangerous fault lines appearing that really must be spoken of openly, because they are deadly in this election.

Warren is surging in the polls. That’s great. She’s a stellar candidate. But the “all in for Warren” crowd is…

Gayle Leslie

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